Log of Exploits and Adventures

Episode I, Scene II

As the sounds of a struggle abruptly ended, Vestige and Kieryn had only seconds before four male Gamorreans ran into the room and charged for the Hutt’s guards. As the Gamorreans clashed, Vestige seized the unexpected opportunity to increase her standing with the Hutt. She drew her blaster pistol and fired at the assaulting Gamorreans. Kieryn stepped nimbly out of the main area, and kept herself at a distance from the scrape. Her skills were with words, and there was not a great deal of hope that her charm and compelling personality would do much in the way of protection from vibro-axes.

The fight was short. A Gamorrean was wounded by Vestige’s blaster, and another by the Hutt’s loyal guards. Snorting and grunting, they turned and fled the way that they had arrived. As soon as they had left, the Hutt renewed his demands for Vestige and Kieryn to assess the moon and bring back his cut. He seemed even more eager for the credits now than he had been before the Gamorreans had broken in. Vestige and Kieryn found themselves suddenly in possession of the coordinates to the Hutt’s new planet, Gavos, and with the temporary captaincy of a small shuttle to take them there. It seemed that payment would be negotiated upon their successful return.

The journey to Gavos took a full day, so they were fatigued as they neared the planet. It was a singularly inhospitable world, its atmosphere consisting primarily of stormy clouds of ammonia and methane. High winds completed the picture. Surprisingly, no one answered their transmissions. The landing was uneventful, as a small landing beacon led their shuttle to a landing pad tucked against  the entrance to the underground mining quarters. There was a small entrance room just inside the main door. Blaster burns on a window there leading into the interior added to the eerie atmosphere. When Vestige and Kieryn opened the door, they saw blood on the carpet. A hurried inspection proved to them that something sinister had taken place. Adding to this, a recorded voice was announcing over the speaker, “Warning! Storm Barrier Generator is compromised! Warning!”

As they continued to search, they found more grotesque evidence of some tragedy. There were dead men sitting in the kitchen,  and a dead man in the freshers. All had died violently, but there was no sign of anyone still alive.

They moved past the living areas into the working offices for the mine. A hurried inspection here offered up a few valuable clues. The security holocams showed a small droid taking off in a cloud car, a Trandoshan worker fleeing from some unseen threat, and several workers entering the mines. There was a protocol droid there, deactivated with a restraining bolt. Vestige removed the bolt, and asked the droid what had happened.

The droid was shocked. “What?!? I had no idea!” it exclaimed. “Everything was quite normal just a few hours ago. I came here to discuss the basic mining droid performance with the droid overseer, and I remember nothing from that point on. Might I ask what brings you to this mine?”

“Was the mine making much profit?” Kieryn asked. “We’re here to collect the cut due to the Hutt who just recently acquired this mine.”

The droid shook its head. “There is no profit. The credits that the Hutt wants will strip us of everything. We will have no money for repairs and upkeep, but most importantly, there will be no credits to pay the miners.”

Vestige and Kieryn looked at each other. They continued their search of the premises, hoping to find some sign of life, and now accompanied by the protocol droid.

Upon entering the changing room just before the entrance to the mines, Vestige and Kieryn found a medical droid. It seemed to be slightly faulty, as it kept inquiring, “How long has it been since you visited your medical droid? What seems to be your problem?”

“Usually these medical droids are far more intelligent,” the protocol droid commented. “I have spoken to him before, but I did not realize his programming was so deficient.”

As Vestige and Kieryn pulled open the doors to the next room, they realized that they had finally arrived at the entrance to the mines. There were several droids here, including a supervisor droid, who immediately asked them to help.

“Thank goodness someone’s here!” it said. “We were hit by pirates, who killed several of the miners. I and the other droids here cannot fight well, so we were unable to give much assistance to the miners. Some of them went into the mines, and we have been unable to go after them. We fear that there may be pirates who pursued the miners in.” The supervisor droid offered Vestige and Kieryn the use of a mining cart to travel in the mines, as he believed that the miners might have made their way to the way station a kilometer or so inside the mines. With no other way of determining if any organic beings were still alive, they agreed to go, though Vestige did warn the droid of the failing Storm Generators. They left the protocol droid, and began their journey into the mines.


Episode I, Scene I

(GM’s Note: This adventure is not my own, but rather a published one that I ran for my group from Fantasy Flight Games. (The one from FFG’s Edge of the Empire GM’s screen kit.) If anyone intends to play this as a PC, read on at your own risk!)

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away……


It was a hot day on Ryloth, not an uncommon thing on the Twi’lek homeworld. Kieryn and Vestige were browsing one of  Kieryn’s favorite antiquary shops together, when the door hissed softly open. A small feeling of unease flickered in Vestige’s mind, causing her to look up.

Three Nikto had entered. Two of them hung back as the third approached the pair. Vestige took a step closer to Kieryn.

“The Great and Powerful Bargos desires to speak with you, as soon as you can arrive at his summer residence, ” the Nikto grated. “Come quickly, you will want to accept this honor.”

“Do I have to come today?” Kieryn hesitated. She had heard of the Hutt; he had business connections on Ryloth, and often passed his time in a small town he effectively ruled in the Southern Hemisphere. As an agitator who had often called for greater freedom for the Twi’leks, Kieryn knew that this Hutt was not likely to feel friendly towards her.

“Yes,” the messenger grated. It was not easy for a Nikto to change facial expression, but this one managed to look supremely disdainful. “You are cordially invited to attend His Excellence this afternoon at his retreat. There is a chance for you to earn credits, if that will ensure your arrival.”

Kieryn glanced at Vestige, who shrugged slightly. “We shall be there as soon as we can,” Vestige affirmed, speaking loudly to cover Kieryn’s “Why should we go?”. “What does a Hutt want?” she added as soon as the Nikto had left. “I haven’t been giving speeches for months!”

“You did, though,” Vestige reminded her companion. “You made speeches that were fiery enough to attract the attention of the Sector Governor, and there are reliable rumors that copies of your speeches have been distributed among Twi’lek communities outside of the Ryloth system. There are many reasons why a Hutt might want to speak with you.”

“At least you’re coming,” Kieryn sighed, turning regretfully away from the antique shop.


Vestige set the speeder down just outside of the village. The Hutt had chosen to make his retreat in a secluded area of Ryloth where the hot desert sands made him more comfortable and active. Vestige glanced over at Kieryn. The Twi’lek looked a little apprehensive, but not very worried. She has a bit of a happy-go-lucky attitude, Vestige reflected. Even after getting into a bit of trouble with the Empire….

The village was active in the early afternoon, with Twi’leks and Gamorreans visible in the streets. As Vestige and Kieryn walked down the main lane to the Hutt’s palace Kieryn spotted an Antiquities seller. Turning, she stepped inside immediately, leaving Vestige to follow hard on her heels.

“Kieryn, what are you doing?” Vestige asked. “You do realize that we are supposed to be meeting with a Hutt?”

“I know,” Kieryn answered blithely. “If we don’t look through this shop now, then they may sell something valuable that we otherwise would have been able to get.” As if to prove her words she stopped by a display that held a genuine Alderaanian slug-thrower pistol. “Look at the craftsmanship! Do you realize that they used to make blaster grips from wood?” She admired it, cradling it gently in her hands before turning it over to check the price.

“6,000 credits? Vestige, do we have that much? I bet I could take a loan from the Hutt…No, wait! Let me call my parents!” Kieryn turned and pulled out her comlink, tapping her parents’ frequency. “Hi, Dad!” she said brightly. “Is there any chance that you can let me borrow some credits? I found a genuine wood-handled antique Alderaanian slugthrower!”

Vestige turned away with a sigh as Kieryn’s conversation became a wheedling beseechment for money to buy the slugthrower. As soon as Kieryn ended the call, she took her by the arm.

“Kieryn. We have to go and see the Hutt.” She led the Twi’lek out of the shop, despite the longing glances and dragging paces the latter made.

Once out in the bright sun of Ryloth, they began again to head toward the Hutt’s palace. A couple of Gamorreans were standing across the street from the large wooden door, but otherwise there were not many passersby. The droid guarding the gate was slow to let them in, but once the pair entered, they were hit with the sensation of having stepped inside some giant beast. Everything was red. The walls were hung with red velvet drapes, and although the floor, at least, was not red, it was slimy with the frequent passage of the Hutt.

The Nikto who had brought them word of Bargos’s wish for a meeting was waiting. He turned and led them down a corridor to the Hutt’s audience chamber. Vestige and Kieryn saw immediately the reason for the slimy corridors: Bargos was a young and very damp Hutt. His face was scarred, and a couple more Gamorrean guards were standing nearby. In Huttese, translated by a protocol droid, Bargos briefly greeted the pair and explained why he had summoned them.

The Hutt had recently gained possession of a small mining world, and wanted the pair to tour the facilities for him, in addition to collecting his first cut of the profits. He had chosen them, as he did not want to risk any of his own retainers at that time, and he knew that they could not afford to say no. Vestige grimaced internally, but she knew that she was lucky the Hutt was only trying to blackmail her. If the Hutt knew or suspected the entirety of her…disagreement…with the Gorensla kajidic…

Before the matter of payment could be settled, however, there was a commotion from outside. “Your greatness,” Vestige asked as something settled into place, “Do you normally keep Gamorreans watching across from your gate?” The Hutt seemed almost uneasy for moment.

“I will have someone look into it as soon as we are done here,” he rumbled. Almost as soon as he had spoken, a rumbling crash sounded from the entry room down the hall. The sounds of a violent struggle filtered down to the listeners in the audience chamber.



Groddic. This Gank is mysterious, and quiet. A business partner of Akaan, Groddic has been assisting  the rebel group on Nar Shaddaa. He appears to owe quite a bit of credits to someone, although strangely his creditor can only be found in certain casinos.

Groddic may end up traveling with this group; they’re almost certain to drag him into whatever trouble is trailing them.



Terminator is a tall, blonde, blue-eyed and extremely handsome Wookiee. He lives in (relative) peace on Nar Shaddaa, perhaps because he is fond of carrying a Z-6 Rotary Blaster Cannon. He is in debt, which he is working to pay off by by earning money wrestling (wookiees).

He is sympathetic to the Rebellion, though he has not taken the final step of joining the Rebellion.


Grahv is a Nikto who fights wholehearted for the Rebellion. His skills as a sniper are in demand and he loves to use them. Give him a handful of grenades, a good blaster, and a place to wait and he will have the time of his life!

He is also a follower of the Morgukai, trained to notice when others use the Force and to kill them. This is his one abiding passion, above even the strength of his passion for the Rebellion. This puts him in a precarious position with Vestige, once he notices that she is Force-sensitive (and notice he does).


Little is known about the daring, dashing Alliance pilot known simply as ‘Pash,’ and that’s how he likes it. Originally a freelance pilot who flew around the galaxy trying to collect resources for the Rebellion, Pash now travels with Vestige.

He met her on Kwenn Space Station along with Kieryn when the two of them were fleeing a Hutt, and since then has traveled with them. His eyes are always open for a way to advance himself in the Alliance chain of command, and for anything – however small – that might be useful or bring credits home.


Jade Milan.


Born on Corellia, Jade was a capricious child. At the age of twenty, she was approached by an Imperial agent who revealed to her that she had mystical powers, which she would hearafter use in service to the Empire.

Her parents remembered the Jedi, and indeed had witnessed the Purge; they convinced their daughter to flee and go into hiding. Vestige abandoned her acting studies at the Coronet City University, and fled to Nar Shaddaa. There she took advantage of her abortive acting career and her nascent mystic powers to sell prophecies. Enough of her wares were accurate to ensure her continued business, but this didn’t last long. One of her prophecies resulted in considerable loss to a powerful Hutt.

Now hunted on Nar Shaddaa, she followed her visions to a place of safety- a secret Rebel base. After hearing her story they realized that she was Force-sensitive and offered her a place in the Rebellion. Grateful for allies, she accepted. When reports arrived from Ryloth about a young fire-brand politician, Vestige (as she was now called) took the assignment to discover whether this Twi’lek might in some way aid the Rebellion.