Dramatis Personae



A young Corellian, currently working as a spy for the Rebel Alliance. Also a Force-Sensitive, exploring her burgeoning powers even as she tries to hide them.


A Twi’lek with a taste for some of the more valuable items in the galactic antique market. She held rallies to try and raise some resistance to the Empire among the locals of Ryloth until firmly instructed to cease and desist, although not before she had drawn the attention of the rebels recruiters on Ryloth, the criminal organizations, and of course, the commander of the local Imperial garrison.


A Rebel pilot with a cocky attitude and his famous ‘success cologne.’ No one knows anything about him (which is just how he likes it) but he’s rumored to be half Chiss. He also keeps an eye or two out for anything that he could use to bring in more credits to the Rebel Alliance. Keep an eye on your old hoverchairs!


A Nikto sniper who can take that impossible shot! He likes his grenades too, and doesn’t particularly mind where he puts them as long as they get the target.

What almost no one knows about him is that he is trained in the ways of his ancestors as a Force hunter. He knows how to spot when an individual is using the Force and sees it as his duty to kill them.


A Mandalorian friend of Vestige’s, he acted as her backup and extra eyes during the time she worked as a fortuneteller on Nar Shaddaa. He stayed after she fled even though the Hutt in question had placed a small bounty on his head, but his other activities (and the fact that the Hutt’s thugs couldn’t seem to catch him) during Vestige’s absence have caused the bounty to spike to 30,000 credits.


The given (but not real) name of a blond Wookiee, Terminator has racked up an impressive debt to a certain individual. Although he won’t admit who it is or why the debt is so high, Terminator spends a great deal of his time in the ring at a Wookiee establishment on Nar Shaddaa to earn credits. He carries a Z-6 rotary blaster cannon, leaving little doubt that he should be left well alone. He is sympathetic to the Rebellion, although he has not quite committed…yet.


The given name of a Gank hunter who works with Akaan. Very little is known about him other than the fact that he seems to be indebted in some way to a Human male who usually can be found in a casino.


Other cast members include:

Dram Atic

A Rebel Commando.

Bretha Brin

A Bothan Singer.

Tar Jihe

A young Mandalorian bounty hunter.

A Hutt

He might be blamed for setting this story in motion.

And last, but far from least…

An Imperial Inquisitor





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