Groddic. This Gank is mysterious, and quiet. A business partner of Akaan, Groddic has been assisting  the rebel group on Nar Shaddaa. He appears to owe quite a bit of credits to someone, although strangely his creditor can only be found in certain casinos.

Groddic may end up traveling with this group; they’re almost certain to drag him into whatever trouble is trailing them.




Terminator is a tall, blonde, blue-eyed and extremely handsome Wookiee. He lives in (relative) peace on Nar Shaddaa, perhaps because he is fond of carrying a Z-6 Rotary Blaster Cannon. He is in debt, which he is working to pay off by by earning money wrestling (wookiees).

He is sympathetic to the Rebellion, though he has not taken the final step of joining the Rebellion.


Grahv is a Nikto who fights wholehearted for the Rebellion. His skills as a sniper are in demand and he loves to use them. Give him a handful of grenades, a good blaster, and a place to wait and he will have the time of his life!

He is also a follower of the Morgukai, trained to notice when others use the Force and to kill them. This is his one abiding passion, above even the strength of his passion for the Rebellion. This puts him in a precarious position with Vestige, once he notices that she is Force-sensitive (and notice he does).


Little is known about the daring, dashing Alliance pilot known simply as ‘Pash,’ and that’s how he likes it. Originally a freelance pilot who flew around the galaxy trying to collect resources for the Rebellion, Pash now travels with Vestige.

He met her on Kwenn Space Station along with Kieryn when the two of them were fleeing a Hutt, and since then has traveled with them. His eyes are always open for a way to advance himself in the Alliance chain of command, and for anything – however small – that might be useful or bring credits home.


Jade Milan.


Born on Corellia, Jade was a capricious child. At the age of twenty, she was approached by an Imperial agent who revealed to her that she had mystical powers, which she would hearafter use in service to the Empire.

Her parents remembered the Jedi, and indeed had witnessed the Purge; they convinced their daughter to flee and go into hiding. Vestige abandoned her acting studies at the Coronet City University, and fled to Nar Shaddaa. There she took advantage of her abortive acting career and her nascent mystic powers to sell prophecies. Enough of her wares were accurate to ensure her continued business, but this didn’t last long. One of her prophecies resulted in considerable loss to a powerful Hutt.

Now hunted on Nar Shaddaa, she followed her visions to a place of safety- a secret Rebel base. After hearing her story they realized that she was Force-sensitive and offered her a place in the Rebellion. Grateful for allies, she accepted. When reports arrived from Ryloth about a young fire-brand politician, Vestige (as she was now called) took the assignment to discover whether this Twi’lek might in some way aid the Rebellion.


A vibrant orange and black striped Twi’lek with an affinity for antique shopping, Kieryn had spent some time as a political agitator for the expansion of Twi’lek rights under the new Imperial regime. Although she had not traveled far from Ryloth, word of her had spread enough that the Empire thought it prudent to warn her to cease her ungrateful rabble-rousing.

Left to her own devices, Kieryn retired from “rabble-rousing” and was busy  buying and collecting antique items, when she met a Corellian human, Vestij, who agreed with her politics, but later got her in LOTS of trouble. The two of them became close friends.