So It Begins…

This started the way all good stories start.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away….

It is a time of rebellion and upheaval in the galaxy. Less than a year ago the Rebel Alliance recently gained their first major victory over the Empire by destroying the Death Star battle station. Hope is rising in the galaxy, rallying people to the Rebel cause….

Panel 1

Herein Shall You Read First

This log shall contain what tales there are to be told. What a young, inexperienced Corellian who could predict the future was doing with an oniomaniacal Twi’lek is something that may need a little explanation.

Or how three seemingly random strangers could meet in a cantina on Kwenn Space Station and instantly establish that they were, in fact, the best of friends. Listen, then to my story as it unfolds, for it is a tale for the ages.

Panel 2

Comlink Communications


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